About Us

Upstream Baby was created and designed from the ground up by Melanie van den Heever, our Creative Director and Founder. The brand was created in order to build more momentum in the slow fashion movement in South Africa - especially in the babies & children category where we now seldomly see garments handed down or even just garments worn until they don't fit anymore. We aim to challenge this by creating quality garments in ethical and sustainable ways, from alternative fabrics where possible and with zero plastic in the process - often opting for recycled options even where it didn't make sense for the bottom line. We do this from Day 1 - so that as we grow, so does our impact.
Even though we have done everything imaginable to sell garments such as these at an incredibly fair price, it's true that there will always be cheaper options out there. Our only ask is that you question WHY it might be cheaper. Now, we won't claim to be the saviours and heroes in every single aspect, because the value chain that fast fashion has created over the past two decades stacks up against producers like us and many other whose care and awareness have help our movement gain traction. However, here are some examples you might want to ask before you spend good money on your next purchase - and the points we are working towards conquering in the coming years in order to bring you garments that can change the world:

  • Is the fabric inherently good or bad for baby's skin?
  • Is that fabric grown in a sustainable way? What pesticides were used on it?
  • Is it picked by workers that are fairly compensated?
  • Is this fabric woven in a clean and low-CO2 emission factory?
  • Are the factory workers fairly compensated?
  • Are the garments made in a decent working environment?
  • Are the garment makers fairly compensated?
  • Were the garments made locally?
  • How much single-use plastic is involved in production and purchase?
  • Do the profits and proceeds from the sale stay in your country to grow and uplift your community?
...the list goes on!

Thank you for visiting our humble store and considering our small yet significant range. Even if you decide to spend not a cent with us - we'd love for you to rethink and reconsider the way you buy and the way you spend. It would be our honour to go Upstream with you and together grow our impact and awareness, starting from Day 1 with our beloved children.
To stay up to date, please click this link to follow our Instagram account, where we can update you daily. You are also welcome to contact us directly for more details or if you have any questions or concerns.